Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Trainers

a)  Trainer/Trainers is general terms used to refer to any individual delivering training on behalf of Softworld. This may refer to someone hired directly under Softworld or anyone contracted to deliver training on behalf of Softworld.

b) It is up to Softworld to ensure that trainers are supplied with the correct content, time, dates, address and links for the training sessions.

c) Should a trainer be ill and thereby prevented from delivering training, the trainer must inform Softworld, and Softworld will inform the partner as soon as.

d) Should a trainer not show up or be delayed, the partner must immediately inform Softworld, who will contact the trainer. The partner is permitted to contact the trainer directly.

2. Content and Pricing

a) Content: Softworld is to ensure that trainers are informed and understand what content to deliver to the partner in question. Should the partner request different or new content directly from the trainer without informing Softworld of the change, Softworld can no longer be held accountable for the content delivered during the training session.

b) Training costs cannot be negotiated with trainers as any cost related matters must go through Softworld.

3. Confirmation

a) Confirmation: A training session is not confirmed till Softworld has sent the partner an order confirmation for the agreed training to take place. Should the partner have any objections to the order confirmation they should contact Softworld immediately otherwise this will be considered confirmed by both parties and the cancellation policy will apply (paragraph 6).

4. Conduct and Attendance

a) Attendance: It us up to the partner to ensure that the agreed upon attendance number attends the training session, as Softworld is not liable to a lack of attendance.

Should a larger amount of attendees than agreed upon attend the session, Softworld are permitted to charge as found suitable per additional attendee.

5. IT and equipment

a) Lack of equipment: For training delivered at partner facilities or external venues, the partner must ensure that the correct equipment is present for all attendees during training delivery unless otherwise agreed with Softworld.

Softworld is not liable for lack of equipment for a larger audience than initially agreed upon with the partner.

b) Power outage: Softworld cannot be held accountable for any unexpected power outage preventing training to take place. Should this occur mid training Softworld is not liable for the time lost.

c) Softworld is not liable for any IT equipment not

6. Cancellations

a) Softworld are not responsible for compensation if a course cannot be delivered regardless of the reason. However, in certain cases Softworld will be able to reschedule the training session on a different date.

b) Partners can, 3 weeks prior to the training delivery date, move the scheduled training to a new date free of charge or cancel the booking and have the total cost refunded.

c) As Softworld allocate trainers for planned training, any cancellation later than 3 weeks prior to the training delivery date will not be refunded.

d) Training can be rescheduled to a different date up to the day before the planned delivery date against a charge of half the price of the total training cost.

e) All courses require a written cancellation. This also applies to courses that were cancelled verbally to Softworld. Should Softworld not receive a written confirmation hereof, the course is not considered cancelled and the cancellation policy applies.

7. Data-Sharing and Usage Agreement

a) By signing up for our website, requesting a quote or attending a course, you give permission for Softworld to acquire, use and record the data in our systems.
You also give permission for us to use and compile data, where your activity is included, for statistical purposes.

We may collect the following kinds of information:

Information you provide directly to us. For certain activities, such as when you register, request a quote, attend a course, or contact us directly, we may collect some or all of the following types of information:

Contact information, such as your full name, email address, mobile phone number, and address.

Course attendance.

Any other information you choose to provide to us.

The information will not be shared as public information and only used for internal purposes.