Mastering Numbers


Guided by Industry Experts

In this intermediate level course you will learn how to create and bring traditional boring spreadsheets to life in fun and engaging ways. A basic level of knowledge is required as we will focus on features and tools that will allow you to get the the most of using the App.

The course is split into 3 short videos of around 15 minutes each, allowing you to digest the content and follow along in your own time. Throughout the course you will learn how to do the following, plus much more:

How to kickstart your project by utilising one of the many built in templates, then discover how to personalise and customise the document for your needs. Learn how to save a document as your own personal template, saving you time.

Find out how to use features such as Conditional Highlighting to highlight specific data and how to create and then customise Pivot Tables to show ranges of data that are important to you. Follow along and learn how Numbers can help you discover functions, as well as providing a breakdown of how to use them.

Discover how to add and customise gorgeous 3D and Interactive charts to your spreadsheet to help visualise data much easier. Easily learn how to create links from one sheet to another and how to add and view complex equations.

Learn how to add in live currency and other unit conversions, work with dates easily and start to use complex formulas to help you solve math problems and more. Finally, discover how to collaborate with up 100 individuals, share & export your documents to additional file formats and how to print large documents easily

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